About Me

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Hi, I’m Simon, a UX designer based in Vienna with background in psychology and digital marketing. I am passionate for aesthetics and an advocate of human-centered design.


For me, working in UX is the perfect opportunity of being creative in a field that is based on psychological foundation. While studying, I specialized on Applied Social Psychology and Consumer Psychology. After university, I worked as Performance Marketing Specialist for four years. I decided to become a UX designer because I wanted to get back more to my psychological roots. I am currently employed as a Product Owner at Wiener Linien.


In the UX design field, I enjoy the process of designing the user interface the most because it’s the most creative part of the design process.


In my spare time, I like everything related to music like playing guitar, listening to records and especially visiting concerts. Other than that, I like cycling, motorsports, reading good books and photography.


Find out more about me in my CV: